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The development of the auto parts industry towards globalization is the future trend

In the 1990s, the auto parts industry began to form a global production and global procurement system. Vehicle manufacturers in accordance with certain principles to implement unified procurement of auto parts on a global scale. In the 21st century, in order to cope with market competition and close to vehicle manufacturers, most of the large auto parts suppliers in Japan, Europe and the United States have carried out industrial transfer and accelerated the speed of industrial transfer. China and other countries have become the attraction of the global auto parts industry. The main destination, the current layout of global auto parts companies in China has basically taken shape. At the same time, China's own brand auto parts industry is also developing rapidly. The auto parts manufacturers' supporting and research and development capabilities are further enhanced. China's auto parts will further expand the international auto parts supply market by improving the quality management level and cost advantages. The export sales of products will continue to increase, and the competition between international brands and independent brands will become increasingly fierce.

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