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How to greatly increase the service life of tooling tools or workpieces?

1. TD processing greatly improves the service life of tooling or work pieces, saving production costs or operating costs.
2. Significantly improve the appearance of products, increase the uniformity of product size, and improve product quality.
3. Significantly save maintenance time and labor intensity, and reduce the loss caused by maintenance shutdown.
4. The friction coefficient is reduced, the anti-occlusion performance is greatly improved, no lubrication or reduced lubrication or high-grade lubrication products are required.
Automobile mold application range:
TD treatment can be widely applied to the problem of strain or excessive wear between the mold and the workpiece or between the workpiece and the workpiece caused by various types of wear. Among them, the TD treatment is the current One of the best solutions in the world. After the TD treatment, it is normal to increase the service life by ten times due to wear and tear of the workpiece size.
The materials of the workpieces processed by automobile molds, various types of steel materials with carbon content greater than 0.3%, cemented carbide, etc. Generally, various types of medium and high alloy tool steels are recommended.

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