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The car body is generally composed of an outer cover, an inner cover and a skeleton!

The thickness of the steel plate of the cover is generally 0.8-1.2mm, and the thickness of the sheet metal of the outer cover of some models is only 0.6mm and 0.7mm. The thickness of the steel plate of the frame is mostly 1.2-2.5mm, which means that most of them are thin plate parts. For the design of welding fixtures, the issues that should be considered:
1. Poor rigidity and easy deformation
The formed sheet metal stamping parts of automobile molds have a certain rigidity, but compared with machined parts, the rigidity is much worse, and a single large stamping part is easily deformed. Only after welding into a body shell, it has strong rigidity. Taking the outer panel of the large side wall of the car body as an example, the thickness of the general material is 0.7-0.8mm, most of which is 0.8mm. After drawing to form a cavity, the rigidity is very poor. When welding the inner panel to form the side wall welding assembly Only then has a strong rigidity.
2. Complex structure and shape
Automobile molds are all space shells made of thin plate stamping parts. In order to make the appearance beautiful and make the shell have a certain rigidity, the parts that constitute the body are usually space curved bodies after drawing, and the structure and shape are more complicated. In particular, with the development of modern automobile technology and the increasing demands of consumers on the quality and appearance of automobiles, the design of body structure is becoming more and more complicated.

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