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The status quo of my country's automobile mold industry

My country's automobile mold industry has developed rapidly recently and has made great progress, but compared with the high level, there is still a significant gap. Mainly manifested in the following points:
First, Poor manufacturing accuracy. Taking seals as an example, many people have reported that the sealing performance of domestically-made cars in my country is not good. In fact, this is not only related to the manufacturing level of sealing materials and seals, but also directly related to the level of related molds. At present, foreign auto companies are implementing the "2mm" project, but in my country, a single part can still do it, and hundreds of parts can be assembled together. The key lies in the mold.

Second, the mold life is short. Take the aluminum die-casting mold as an example, the level has reached more than 1 million times, while my country has only 200,000 times, which is only 1/5 of the foreign level.

Third, the mold cycle is long. In the past, my country's auto models remained unchanged for decades, and auto molds were slow. With the fierce competition, the speed of new generations of automotive products has accelerated, and the mold industry is required to shorten the mold cycle accordingly. At present, the cycle of medium-sized die-casting molds in foreign countries is only 1-2 months, and the cycle of automobile panel molds is 6-7 months, while in my country, it is 2-3 times the foreign level. Therefore, although some domestic automobile mold factories have new molds, they often lose market competitiveness because they cannot keep up with the pace of new generations of automobile products.

The main reasons for the above problems are the unreasonable corporate structure of my country's automobile mold industry, and the large gap between the quality of software, management and personnel compared with foreign standards.

Fourth, the degree of standardization is low. Automobile molds have entered the standardization stage. Foreign automobile molds are basically provided by good mold manufacturers, and the commercialization rate of molds is above 70%. There are also many companies that have standard mold parts, and there are hundreds of standard parts for automobile molds. However, my country's main mold production capacity is concentrated in the mold branches or workshops of various OEMs, and the rate of mold commercialization is low. Although the enterprise structure was adjusted during the "Ninth Five-Year Plan" period, the proportion of self-produced and self-made molds is still as high as about 70%. In terms of automotive mold standard parts, there are only two enterprises in my country that have batches.

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