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What are the advantages of plastic two-color mold design and injection molding processing?

Automotive molds:
1. Basic principles of two-color mold design:
(1) 1 time for hard rubber and 2 times for soft rubber;
(2) 1 time for transparent and 2 times for non-transparent;
(3) One time for plastic with high molding temperature and two for low molding temperature;
Automobile molds are the basic principle of making two-color molds, otherwise the molds will be made in vain; in addition, try to use breaking glue when sealing, instead of inserting breaking glue, even if it is recommended to modify the product, try to rely on breaking glue as much as possible.
2. The guide post and guide sleeve of the plastic two-color mold mold must be symmetrical up and down, and the front and back molds must be symmetrical.
3. The back mold of the plastic two-color mold should be rotated 180 degrees, and the front mold should not move. Car mould
4. The product spacing must be based on the nozzle spacing of the injection molding machine. Some foreign two-color injection molding machines have adjustable nozzle spacing, some are not adjustable, and domestic ones are not.
5. Two independent ejector systems and two ejector rods. The two products of the rear mold of the plastic two-color mold are the same, and the thimble is the same. It is a rotation relationship, and it must not be a translation relationship.
6. The ejector plate of the plastic two-color mold can only be reset with a spring, and a screw cannot be used for forced reset, because the rear mold needs to rotate.
7. The side locks of the plastic two-color mold must be on the four sides of the mold center, and the front and rear molds are symmetrical, otherwise the back mold will not align with the front mold after it is rotated 180 degrees.
8. If the distance between the glue inlet point and the nozzle of the injection molding machine is different, the top rod hole should be made into a waist shape, because the top rod spacing of the injection molding machine is not adjustable.

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