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What are the basic requirements for body welding fixtures?

Basic requirements for body assembly welding fixture:
1. Auto molds should have interchangeable body parts and assemblies after the stamping parts are assembled and welded, and each matching part of the body should be used, especially the shape and size of the holes meet the technical requirements.

2. The assembly, positioning and clamping can be carried out quickly and accurately. The welded part should be easy to operate. After the clamping mechanism is loosened, the weldment can be easily removed from the fixture, and it is safe and reliable.

3. When designing fixtures for automobile molds, attention should be paid to the conduction and insulation problems of certain parts on the fixtures, so as to improve the quality of body welding.

4. Due to the complex structure of the body, the design of positioning parts and clamping parts should be fully considered for their processing technology and the generalization and standardization of parts, so as to facilitate the replacement of wearing parts and restore the original design accuracy.

5. The assembling and welding fixture of the body assembly is relatively complicated and heavy, so it is often necessary to adjust the sample frame for adjustment and correction during manufacturing and use.

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