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What are the characteristics of automobile cover die manufacturing?

1 The blank preparation of basic parts and working parts of automobile cover parts is the focus of production preparation. They are mostly castings and single-piece production, and the manufacture of casting models is the key to the preparation of blanks. Generally use solid casting (a kind of disappearing type).
2 Due to the large size of the die of the automobile cover, large machining equipment is required to process it. Commonly used are: gantry planer, gantry milling machine, floor boring and milling machine, gantry CNC milling machine, multi-axis CNC milling machine, etc. In addition, in order to debug the mold, a large-scale grinding press and trial press are also required.
3 The focus of the manufacturing process of the automotive panel die is the processing of the working part profile. Because it is a combined surface composed of three-dimensional curved surfaces, it is difficult to process and the accuracy is not easy to guarantee. Improving the precision of CNC machining is the key to improving the accuracy of the mold and shortening the manufacturing cycle.
4 The assembly and closing of the cover die and the adjustment of the test pressure are extremely important manufacturing processes. In particular, the test pressure adjustment accounts for a large proportion of the entire design and manufacturing man-hours. With the advancement of technology and the improvement of machining accuracy, the research and development and commissioning cycle will be gradually shortened.
5 A cover usually requires more than two sets of dies, and the manufacturing sequence of each set of dies is restricted by the need for process verification. The conventional manufacturing sequence is to first manufacture the drawing die, and then sequentially form various forming dies and repair the punching dies.

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