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What are the surface treatment methods to solve the problem of surface strain on the workpiece?

Automotive molds mold aspect
For large-scale drawing molds with small production batches and simple shapes, there are also reports of using polymer materials such as rubber to make molds. Such molds will not strain the surface of the workpiece, but there are few practical applications.
Automotive molds mold surface treatment
Surface treatment of the mold, especially the surface super-hardening treatment of the mold, is an economical and effective method to solve the problem of surface strain on the workpiece. There are many surface treatment methods, the more commonly used ones are: hard chromium plating, electroless nickel and phosphorus plating, brush plating of special alloys, etc.; chemical heat treatment, various types of nitriding, boronizing, sulfurizing, etc.; super hardened surface Processing aspects include chemical vapor deposition (CVD), physical vapor deposition (PVD), physical chemical vapor deposition (PVD), TD coating treatment.
Electroplating, electroless plating and brush plating are methods of electrochemical or chemical reaction to form alloy coating on the surface of the workpiece. The performance of the alloy coating is different due to different processes. For wear-resistance and seizure applications, hard chromium plating, electroless nickel-phosphorus plating, brush plating of nickel-tungsten alloy, etc. are currently more commonly used. For light molding load, or large molds, these methods can sometimes achieve certain results. The problem with such surface treatment of automobile molds is that on the one hand, the hardness of the hardened surface layer is relatively low, which is prone to wear, and once the coating is worn, strains will appear; on the other hand, it is also the most inadequate point. , The plating layer is mechanically combined with the base material, and sometimes the plating layer will peel off after several times of use under heavy load. Once the plating layer peels off, its effect will be lost.

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