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What happens when repairing car molds?

Things will break if they are used for a long time, and the frequency of work such as automobile molds is very high in actual operation. Therefore, automobile mold processing will also have many problems, such as rebound cracking and wrinkles of the plate. These situations are unavoidable, so how can we rule out such situations?
Generally, the sheet metal of thick sheet metal has a large springback. Since the sheet material cannot be fully plastically deformed, some elastic deformation causes the springback, which is mainly compensated and controlled by design. The remedy is usually remodeling and reprocessing. What the fitter does is to grind and fit the profile to ensure the fit rate of the profile. Cracking is usually due to the imperfect state of the actual processing and assembly of the mold, and the imperfection of the supplementary modeling of the stamping process, resulting in the inability to flow smoothly during the plastic deformation of the drawn part, sharp changes, and cracks appear. What the auto mold processing fitter has to do is to perfect the mold state, ensure the stability of the working state, analyze the broken part, and adjust the profile of the supplementary part. Wrinkles are caused by the instability of the sheet material during plastic deformation, and the unreasonable supplementary modeling of the stamping process is also one of the aspects. Sometimes the shape of the product determines that wrinkles cannot be eliminated.

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