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What is the direct impact of mold heat treatment on performance?

Taizhou Huangyan Keshuo Mould & Plastic Co., Ltd introduces the direct effect of mold heat treatment on performance

(1) Manufacturing accuracy of the mold

Uneven and incomplete structural transformation and excessive residual stress caused by heat treatment cause deformation of the mold during processing, assembly and use of the mold after heat treatment, thereby reducing the accuracy of the mold and even scrapping it.

(2) Strength of the mold

Inappropriate formulation of heat treatment process, non-standard heat treatment operation or incomplete heat treatment equipment condition, resulting in the die strength (hardness) of the processed die not meeting the design requirements.

(3) Working life of the mold

The unreasonable structure and excessive grain size caused by heat treatment cause the main properties such as the toughness of the mold, thermal fatigue resistance and wear resistance to decline, which affects the working life of the mold.

(4) Manufacturing cost of mold
As an intermediate or final process in the mold manufacturing process, cracking, deformation and performance caused by heat treatment are super bad. To increase the manufacturing cost of the mold.

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