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What is the importance of automotive mold materials?

The quality and performance of automotive mold materials are important factors affecting mold quality, life and cost. In recent years, in addition to the continuous introduction of a variety of high toughness and high wear resistance cold work die steel, flame quenched cold work die steel, powder metallurgy cold work die steel, the use of cast iron materials in large and medium-sized stamping dies abroad is a worthwhile Follow the development trend. Ductile iron for automotive molds has good toughness and wear resistance, and its welding performance, workability, and surface quenching performance are also good, and the cost is lower than alloy cast iron, so it is used in automotive stamping molds. Automobile body molds, especially large and medium-sized cover molds, are an important part of body manufacturing technology, and also a key link in the formation of independent development capabilities of automobiles. Automobile mold products include automobile cover molds, tire molds, interior and exterior plastic parts molds, lamp molds, automobile bumper molds, automobile instrument panel molds, etc.
Automotive molds In developed countries such as Germany, the United States, and Japan, more than 40% of products in the mold industry are automotive molds. In general, it takes about 1500 molds to manufacture an ordinary car, including nearly 1,000 stamping molds and more than 200 interior parts molds.

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