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What is the role of the car bumper?

The purpose of having a bumper on your car is very specific. Many people think that it’s purpose is to prevent or lessen injury severity in a crash. In fact, bumpers are not considered safety features intended to protect occupants at all. The purpose of bumpers is to reduce or prevent physical damage to the front and rear of vehicles in low-speed crashes. The bumpers are designed to protect the hood, trunk, grill, fuel, exhaust and cooling system. A bumper is a shield that is usually made of steel, aluminum, rubber or plastic. It absorbs shocks from car accidents.Vehicles in front and rear bumper in addition to maintaining the original protection, but also the pursuit of harmony with the body shape and unity, the pursuit of their own lightweight. The front of the car before and after the bumper with plastic, known as the plastic bumper. Plastic bumper is composed of three parts: outer plate, cushioning material and beam. Plastic bumper with strength, rigidity and decorative, from the security point of view, the vehicle collision can play a buffer role, to protect the front and rear body, from the appearance point of view, can be naturally combined with the body in one, has a good decorative, as an important part of the shape of decorative vehicles.

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