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Why add a layer of PVC film between the mold and the molding material?

Automobile molds are specific to the contact pair of forming molds and workpiece raw materials or semi-finished products. Because the forming load and the formed material are very different, what or several measures are adopted to solve the problem of strain on the workpiece, in addition to considering the effectiveness of the effect, it is also The batch size of the product, the ease of realization and its economic efficiency must be considered, which will be discussed in detail below.
Some methods of auto mold to solve the problem of workpiece strain
To solve the problem of strain on the workpiece during the forming process, the problem of strain on the workpiece should be improved or solved by changing the nature of the contact pair according to the basic principle of reducing adhesive wear. The three parties that constitute the pair of contact pairs are analyzed as follows: the raw material of the molded workpiece, the workpiece and the mold, and the mold.
The raw material aspect of the molded workpiece
By surface treatment of raw materials, such as phosphating, spraying or other surface treatments on raw materials, a non-metal film layer is formed on the surface of the molded material, which can greatly reduce or eliminate the problem of strain on the workpiece. This method often costs It is higher and requires additional production equipment and production processes. Although this method is sometimes effective, it is rarely used in actual production.
Auto mold between workpiece and mold
Adding a layer of film such as PVC between the mold and the molding material can sometimes solve the problem of strain on the workpiece. For the production line, the film can be continuously supplied through the mechanism, and for the periodic production of stamping equipment, each workpiece is produced It is necessary to add a thin film, which affects the production efficiency. This method is generally costly and also generates a lot of waste. It is advisable to use this method for the production of small batches of large workpieces.
In some occasions where the forming load is small, sometimes the problem of strain on the workpiece can be solved by adding lubricating oil or adding EP (extreme pressure) additive lubricating oil.

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